Leather: The ONLY Material For Boots

Published: 01st February 2006
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If you talk to enough men and women who have been in the blue collar workforce, they will tell you that leather boots are the only way to go. New materials have come and gone but leather continues to stand the test of time and remains a popular choice for protective footwear and protective clothing. Synthetic materials have certainly done much to bridge the gap in the work boot market, but it still fails to offer the complete package of style, durability and protection that is an inherent part of leather boots.

First of all we should tackle the biggest issue of all when it comes to work boots and that is protection. Protection is the number one reason that work boots are worn and it is the reason that they are mandatory for workers an all commercial building sites. It may seem strange, but according to http://www.safetboot.com the best way to judge how leather and synthetic work boots compare for protection, is to look at what motorcycle riders are wearing. If you look at professional motorcycle racers, they still wear leather racing suits. This is because leather still outperforms synthetic materials for protective clothing and apparel based upon protection.

The negative side of leather versus synthetic lies in comfort. Leather boots do have a tendency to stretch and therefore they do need to be broken in to some extent. This criticism however, has been given far too much attention from a generation of people who are just not used to wearing sturdy footwear says http://www.workbootworld.com . Not all boots are supposed to feel like your favorite basketball hi-tops! Protection and support do sometimes come at a cost to weight and comfort. Incidentally, this is the same issue that much of the military forces around developed nations are facing. Getting young soldiers to adapt to wearing leather boots, when they may have spent the past seventeen or eighteen years wearing Nike are trainers and basketball shoes.

Basically, don't make the mistake of thinking that any work boot is as good as another, or you may just be risking your toes! Leather does still offer the best protection against accidents with hot or heavy objects.

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